Dr. Tareq Sydiq is currently based at the Center for Conflict Studies in Marburg. Having worked and studied in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, his main focus has been on state-society relations under repression. How can autocrats shape social dynamics, and how can social forces resist such coercion? Recent works include answers to this question from a spatial, a generational and an international perspective. He is currently working on how local and diaspora protests interlinked following the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

2021: P.h.D. in Political Science on how Iranians can participate in authoritarian politics at Marburg University.

2016-2021: Research and Teaching Fellow at the Center for Conflict Studies in Marburg.

2019-2020: JSPS Fellow at the Center for Relational Studies on Global Crises in Chiba, Japan.

2017-2018: Research in Iran.

2015: M.Sc. State, Society and Development at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

2014: B.A. in Political Science at Munich University.